New perspectives and challenges for the Brazilian Journal of Exercise Physiology

Jefferson Petto


We are beginning a new cycle of the Brazilian Journal of Exercise Physiology. In these next two years (2020-2021), I will be in charge of the scientific edition of the magazine and I will certainly need your help to build an increasingly interesting, solid and good scientific quality journal.

Initially I would like to thank the executive editors Jean-Louis Peytavin and Guillermina Arias for the invitation and trust. I would also like to thank all colleagues who gladly accepted the invitation to participate in the scientific council of the magazine. And finally, I would like to thank the reviewers, who are an essential part of maintaining a scientific journal.

As you can see, we implemented some changes already in this edition. Now all articles will be published in at least two versions - Portuguese and English and some in Spanish and English. This change is important for our magazine to achieve greater international visibility. English is the universal language of research, therefore, for our articles to be read by other nationalities, who do not speak Portuguese, they must also be in the English version. Therefore, we are calling on all researchers to translate it into English after the final acceptance of their article. With this, we hope, in addition to increasing the journal's visibility and favoring its internationalization, to attract the attention of researchers from other countries so that they also publish in our journal.

You will also notice the change in the layout of the articles. We try to make your visualization more professional, making the name of the magazine, the DOI, the name of the authors very visible and even in the header, we insert an item - “How to Cite”, which already makes the way of citing the article in Vancouver, the norm ready, that most scientific journals use as a standard for their references. I cannot forget to give credit to Marvyn de Santana do Sacramento, who created this new format. You will also observe that some authors recorded short videos presenting their articles. This idea is intended to increase the magazine's visibility, as these videos can be sent through social networks and arouse the interest of other readers.

In addition, we are aiming to publish six issues a year and are also beginning to accept new types of articles. Until today, the Brazilian Journal of Exercise Physiology basically published original articles, case reports and reviews. We are encouraging researchers to send us opinion articles, updates, letters to the editor and commented articles. The rules for these new article templates will be available in detail in the next edition. In this magazine, you will find an opinion article sent by Professor Marzo Grigoletto and an update sent by Professor Giulliano Gardenghi, who also received the designation of featured article of this edition. We hope to receive more and more of these new article formats.

We also aim to join other Databases such as Lilacs and DOAJ. For that, we need to comply with some publication rules required by these databases. Some mentioned above and another such as the ORCID required, for example, by Lilacs. Therefore, we are requesting that all authors make their ORCID. It's fast and can be done at the link:

Finally, we hope that these initial changes will serve the most demanding readers and address the needs of our researchers and collaborators. Feel free to send us suggestions, criticisms andtell us what you most enjoyed. My contact email is: 

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